More 4 Less




What is ‘More 4 Less’?

It is a Food Club run by volunteers, and is aimed at the many households in the M5 area struggling to make ends meet– either through debt, illness or low income.  It provides a food basket of up to 10 different items for a membership of £2.50 per week.  

Where is ‘More 4 Less’ Food Club?

It is located at St Clements Church/Community Centre on Groves Ave M5 3LQ.

When is it open?

Every Monday 12-2, Friday 12-2 and Saturday 9.30-11.30.

The Food Club is no longer open on Tuesdays.


Am I eligible?

If you live in the postcode area of the club, and are claiming some benefit or are on low income, the answer is YES.  You will just need to complete a membership form and show proof of identification.

We are here for you. Please avail yourself of our facilities.




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